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Operation Repo Lou Heart Attack

Operation Repo is a reality show about a re-possessor who takes control of your stuff if you miss your payments. The show makes a debut tonight and you have to agree, its like watching a train wreck. You are totally mesmerized and there is something about watching people go crazy when re-possessors come to take tow their belongings.

Lou Pizarro’s Operation Repo goes on air tonight and the show is mighty addictive. Unfortunately the show makes losing ones possessions very entertaining.

According to those who have been in this business, once the person loses his/her assets to repossessors, about 80% just let them take it away, 10% curse and shout and the remaining 10% get violent. After the asset is taken away, comes the time for stories.

When asked to tell about the scariest repossession, Repo Lou Pizarro had this to say – a women in Marina Del Rey who went just too far:

The girl was a 6 foot red head who initially allowed Repo Lou to take the car but then something snapped and she jumped into Lou’s lap and starting hitting him on the face. Repo Lou just parked the car on the alley and called the cops.

Operation Repo is quite entertaining but I am not sure how well will this go for those who lost their assets.

Note: Show is about a fictional company and roles are enacted and usually played by actors.

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