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The pouty rebellious rocker teen of Ozzy Osbourne from that MTV reality show transformed herself into a lady – at least for “Dancing With the Stars.”

Kelly Osbourne (with her loving parents watching) actually did a respectably elegant Viennese Waltz. “That was the most fun I ever had,” she said. She will certainly be around awhile given her fan base and her surprising skill.

Who did you like the most among the women?

* Macy Gray
* Kathy Ireland
* Natalie Coughlin
* Melissa Joan Hart
* Kelly Osbourne
* Debi Mazar
* Mya
* Joanna Krupa

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My other observations:

Quirky bird: Macy Gray. She is not much of a dancer and her goofy facial expressions are distracting. Yes she’s oddly fun to watch given how she embodies eccentricity.

Sexy bird: Mya. She may have not done a proper Viennese Waltz and peeved Len Berman (a three point discrepancy from the other judges, which almost never happens). But who cares? She can dance – and look hot doing so.

Lame bird: Kathy Ireland is a likely goner. She had zero hip action for the salsa. Her lack of athleticism really showed.

Not so magical bird: Melissa Joan Hart has some potential but she was fairly forgettable.

Who bird? No clue who Joanna Krupa is but she has some slinky skills. Debi Mazar is an actor with only a few minor bonafides and may also fall through the cracks if Ireland survives.

And how did “Centerfold” become a song to do a cha cha?


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Tonight on a new “Flipping Out”, Jeff Lewis is shocked when his intern shows up to work extra-short, Daisy Dukes-like shorts!

Someone should seriously tell these cute little bitches that shit like that doesn’t impress a gay man. I would have gagged!

When Jeff goes to choose paint colors for one of his latest projects, he and his general contractor discover that the paint company has taken an interesting –and inappropriate– liberty with naming the paint colors!

And Jeff finds out some very shocking news about his business partner Ryan, proving Jeff’s suspicion that his former has been closing deals behind his back –can their relationship survive this revelation?

Tune in to “Flipping Out” Tuesdays on Bravo for the rest of the drama.

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Paul Reubens appeared on The Jay Leno Show as famous children’s show character Pee-Wee Herman.

Pee-Wee Herman

Reubens–dressed in his trademark Pee-Wee Herman grey suit and red bowtie–was on the late night program to promote his new stage show The Pee-Wee Herman Show.

Reubens also had a stage show of the same name in the 1980’s.

Reubens, best known for the wildly popular kid’s show Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, gleefully sat down with Leno and immediately showed the audience what looked to be a wedding ring.

“You got married?” Leno asked.

“Oh no,” Reubens replied, in his classic high-pitched Pee-Wee voice. “It’s my abstience ring.”

As Pee-Wee Herman, Reubens discussed his father, childhood, and school days.

Later, the conversation turned to food, and Pee-Wee and Jay walked over to a salad bar set up on the Leno stage. While Herman attempted to offer some vegetables to the late night host, Jay stated, “anything grown from the earth I’m not a real fan of.”

“Kind of limits things,” Herman retorted.

While making French Fries, an exuberant Herman stated that his upcoming stage show has sold so many tickets that the venue was changed to accommodate more people.

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Operation Repo Lou Heart Attack

Operation Repo is a reality show about a re-possessor who takes control of your stuff if you miss your payments. The show makes a debut tonight and you have to agree, its like watching a train wreck. You are totally mesmerized and there is something about watching people go crazy when re-possessors come to take tow their belongings.

Lou Pizarro’s Operation Repo goes on air tonight and the show is mighty addictive. Unfortunately the show makes losing ones possessions very entertaining.

According to those who have been in this business, once the person loses his/her assets to repossessors, about 80% just let them take it away, 10% curse and shout and the remaining 10% get violent. After the asset is taken away, comes the time for stories.

When asked to tell about the scariest repossession, Repo Lou Pizarro had this to say – a women in Marina Del Rey who went just too far:

The girl was a 6 foot red head who initially allowed Repo Lou to take the car but then something snapped and she jumped into Lou’s lap and starting hitting him on the face. Repo Lou just parked the car on the alley and called the cops.

Operation Repo is quite entertaining but I am not sure how well will this go for those who lost their assets.

Note: Show is about a fictional company and roles are enacted and usually played by actors.

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